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August 18, 2007:

Erin Brockavich and Love Canal - revisited...

As my wife was watching "Erin Brockavitch" this afternoon, I chose to google "Love Canal" to get refresh my memory of how these corporate giants (PPG&E & "that chemical company near Niagra Falls") had perpetrated their evil upon the innocent public.

Instead, I was educated - quite convincingly, I might say, by Eric Zuesse' fine article at
http://www.reason.com/news/show/29326.html (1991)

It seems that the problem is not quite simply one of corporate greed, but that public officials' incompetence is as much as - or more of - a threat to our health and safety as well. We all need to be as well informed - and involved - as we can be so that we can make this a better place to live - for now and into the future.

Coming soon.... information regarding flooding of the Delaware River in June, 2006 - and the impact management of the NY reservoirs may gave had ...