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Frenchtown's Annual Bastille Day Weekend

The Frenchtown Business Association is presenting their annual Bastille Weekend July 12&13

visit the new Frenchtown Business Association web site for more information.

Frenchtown-Uhlerstown Bridge at night

The Frenchtown-Uhlerstown Bridge at night.

Frenchtown Mural

Mural painted by students on the north end of the building near Civilian and Beasley's Book Bindery on Harrison Street.

Frenchtown Local Scheduled Events

Special Announcement: Frenchtown.com celebrated it's tenth year on line in January of 2007. It's been a long time and we have been working an an overdue update to the look and feel of this web site. Wo we have made some  - and will be making more in coming months.
Please let us know how you like our new look, layout and organization.

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Frenchtown  Business & Professional Association

Scheduled Events for 2007

note: the links below are about LAST YEAR's events.
This year, the association did not inform us of their plans.
To see this year's schedule, visit the new
Frenchtown Business Association web site

Wine and Art Weekend, May 5-6, 2007
Bastille Day, July 14-15, 2007
RiverFest, September 1-3, 2007
Santa Arrives Dec 1, 2007

Dogs on the Delaware

Dining in Frenchtown

Andy Tomko, Executive Chef and owner of "The Lower" hotel (local nickname for the Frenchtown Inn, which is closer to the river) does a great job. Their food - and the entire  dining experience there is literally award-winning. Everyone I take to the Inn is impressed and pleased.

The Race Street Cafe may not be quite so large or well known, but it should be. The food there is renowned as well. Their website is new, but their reputation spans many years and their menu is posted.

And, if you like something from the South West, Cocina Del Sol (996-0900) is certainly worth stopping at. This place is owned and operated by Rolando Huesca, owner/chef, who was born and raised in Mexico where he developed the inspiration for delectable regional cuisine. Cocina Del Sol is in a little basement location on the corner across from the Frenchtown Inn and Bridge Cafe - down by the Frenchtown-Uhlerstown bridge.

for Coffee or desert, don't miss Buck's Cafe in the Race Street Corner, and for lunch, coffee OR desertss, you can choose between the Bridge Cafe  near the river or Greco's on Bridge Street..

Breakfast must be at the Frenchtown Cafe (996-0663). Dinner's out because Rosella closes the cafe at 3:00. But if you're awake at six am and hungry, go on down to Bridge Street and start the day right. Anything from a Farmer's Breakfast that will carry you through the day to my favorite - Huevos con Chorizo - which rivals the best I had during my years in Southern California.

And, at the north of town, we have the local Cornerstone Cafe. Where else can you sit and eat a tasty home-style meal and view a beautiful corn field right outside the window...

Beyond these, we have a number of other places to satisfy your cravings, from pizza (Galasso's on Bridge Street and Napoli's on Kingwood Ave) to chocolate (Minette's) to ice cream and coffee. Just walk through town and set down where ever...

"Dining Guide" list  ~  Business Listings Page - Restaurants

2007 Community Events Calendar
(undated events are anticipated based upon last year)

Sat Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt
May 5-6 Sat & Sun Frenchtown Wine & Art weekend
May 29
Mon Memorial Day Parade
American Legin post 113
July 14 & 15
July 14 & 15 Sat & Sun Tinicum Arts Festival
August 4 Sat Lions Club
Car Show/Frenchtown
Community Day
Aug ?
Sat ?
at Shneiderwind Farms
Aug 25
Sat Parrots & Pirates in Paradise
~ American Legion Hall
Aug 31
Fri Town Picnic sponsored by FPD
Sept Sat   American Legion Picnic
Sept 1-3
Labor Day
River Fest! and
River Moon Film Festival
Exotic Car Show cancelled
Sat  Kingwood Township
Community Day
Oct Friday  American Legion Auxiliary
Spaghetti Dinner
Lions Club Annual Holloween Parade
Nov Sat
Kingwood Fire Co. Craft Show
Nov ??
Sat & Sun
Frenchtown Fall Orange Festival ??
Delaware Valley Holiday Fund
begins annual fund drive
Fri  Frenchtown Tree Lighting
Dec 1
Pere Noel (Father Christmas) visits Frenchtown
Dec Thur-Sun
River Union Stage presents
A Chrismas Carol
(past events in gray background may repeat next year)

Archived pages of past events

Local Theatre:
River Union Stage
at Frenchtown School

for more information:
River Union Stage Coming Events

More Local Events from

The Frenchtown Guest House

and the newest Frenchtown area website:

See autumn photos of Frenchtown
postcard aerial photo showing fall colors

All Year Long...

Visit Frenchtown, New Jersey - the charming little village along the Delaware - to stroll, shop, eat, bicycle through, or simply enjoy the charm and ambiance of our little River Town.


Curbside Recycling
paper, aluminum, glass, tin & plastic
Schedule for 2007

(alternate Fridays throughout the year)
5 & 19
2 & 16
2, 16 & 30
13 & 27
11 & 25
8 & 22
6 & 20
August 3 & 17 & 31
September 14 & 28
October 12 & 26
November 9 & 23
December 7 & 21

On a lighter note...
interesting pages we've enjoyed recently:
Ben Franklin's Essay on Daylight Savings Time
Look who found us - from across the sea...
Jan Kersten's Worldwide Website
Eindhoven, Holland, Windmills and the World....

Special Request:
Some  folks from the area are currently serving in in Iraq.
But who are they?

Please let us know, so that we might do something to

Support our Troops in Iraq

Thirty-Six (36) Forty-two (42)  (44)  (48) (53)
Sixty-eight (68)
soldiers from New Jersey communities just like ours have died in Iraq so far,
hundreds have been wounded, thousands have served.

3902 American Soldiers have been killed to date - since this war began in March of 2003.

Source: Iraq Casulties.org
(as of Dec 31, 2007)

And, by the way, many tens of thousands of  Iraqis have also died in this war to date according to reports by the BBC

These soldiers - men and women of our communities - are risking their lives, being wounded in battle and dying for us -
in an increasingly unpopular war.

What are we doing for them?

To our Local Veterans who have served or are serving or will be serving in Iraq:

We'd like to create a section of this website as a service to you and your families.  - a place where you can leave messages, send photos, tell us your story of your own personal experiences in Iraq - if you want to.

At least tell us who you are, your branch and unit, and/or where you are serving.

We can give you an email address - sgt.[yourname]@Frenchtown.com - just ask and verify your service and we can set it up for you in a day. If you want to upload pictures or build your own web pages, let us know and we'll set up ftp access for you to your own directory

Please contact the  webmaster, Vietnam Veteran Alan Runfeldt, and tell us whatever you can - or want to - about our Frenchtown area men and women who have served or are serving or will be serving our country in Iraq.

As soon as we can, we'll be posting a message board for our website visitors to leave messages for the troops who are away from home and in harm's way in service to their country.

Also, if you are a soldier, or wish to support the soldiers in an effective and unique way, please visit this website: ANY SOLDIER DOT-COM You, and some soldier in Iraq will be glad you did.

Sponsored for our troops by the Vietnam Veterans of http://8thmob.org

A Soldier in Need of our Moral Support

Jose Perez
Audie Murphy Hospital
Spinal Cord Injury Unit GLB
7400 Merton Minter Blvd
San Antonio Tx 78229

Please send a message - a post card, a get-well card, a letter - to this wounded serviceman who lost his physical mobility as a result of injuries sustained while serving with the US Marines in Iraq.

He's not getting the moral support he needs, and you can help him with some kinds words of support.

Thanks, a Vietnam Veteran


Report from a local area soldier currently on active duty - back in the states to assisted in New Orleans after having served in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan  - 9/10/2005

Thank you all for your support I am very

happy to come from such a lovely town. I'm actually
from Kingwood, but I spend most of my time in
Frenchtown whenever I'm home. This feels kind of wierd,
but I think its a good idea to come forth to let people
know just how local these contingencies are, and that
they affect people in Frenchtown just as much as anywhere else.

I was deployed to Kuwait 3 days before the war in
Iraq started. I ended up in Baghdad (Saddam) International Airport with the 447 AEG, with the Army 3rd ID, and the 1st AD. After the major action ended, I returned home. One week later I was sent back for another tour.

I came home.

I also served in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and
Kyrgyzstan, but that's a different war all together. I
actually just returned yesterday from a deployment to
New Orleans, evacuating citizens to Houston and San
Antonio Texas and returning with food, water, medical
supplies and rescue personel, to do it all over again.

That's all I really wish to say, please don't glorify
me. I'm just another spoke in the wheel of this great

Andrew R. Moklak, Staff Sergeant, USAF

Curt Iden, riding his bike to NebraskaCurt Iden of U.B.E. rode his bicycle 1700 miles from here to Nebraska - on a cross-country trip to his high school's 50th reunion.

Visit his Myspace web page for an ongoing account of his adventure.

Homes for Sale in Frenchtown

Frenchtown.com Listings

Google Homes Listings

Visit the Archives and see Past Events which are likely to be held again this year
To have your organization's upcoming events listed, simply TELL THE WEBMASTER



Featured Pages and Mini-sites at Frenchtown.com 

River Moon Fim FestivalFrenchtown Video
by Wayne Miller, Sugar Moon Productions
with supporting roles by the
River Union Stage

Frenchtown Wine & Art Weekend /River Moon Film Festival Video 2005 -
- run time
5 1/2 minutes

DSL High Speed (28 mb) ~ DSL Medium Speed (12 mb)

Best viewed with Quicktime
download free Quicktime Player
~ Streaming Video, should begin playing immediately

Come Enjoy the Annual RiverFest &  River Moon Film Festival Labor Day Weekend 2007

Condolences to the friends and family of
Jane Dermody
July, 2006

She lives on in our hearts, minds and memories..
May, 2003

In Memory of Frenchtown's friend,
Mr. "Duke" Carl
July, 2002

Constable Clarence Doane
Frenchtown Police Department
killed in the line of duty
January 13, 1938

Don't Miss Frenchtown PHOTO PAGES:

Fabcraft was a local company which left a legacy in households around the country . The local Frenchtown company produced the Fabcraft Trays and Guildcraft Containers which are now being found in attics and basements and on walls of homes around they United States - and are also showing up frequently on eBay.
We often hear from folks with questions about these products. more...

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And, some of our favorite local links:
  • In support of Rush Holt for Congress:
    RUSH HOLT is running for re-election
    . It is the opinion of your webmaster that we need his continued support on our behalf. He's been helpful with flood support. His staff has been responsive helpful when we've contacted them. He's got his head on straight and his priorities are not necessarily liberal or conservative, but instead are clearly focused on the short and long-term best interests of our community, our state and our nation. - Opposing opinions are welcome.

  • The Delaware River Conservancy
    This group formed as the direct result of the desire to obtain answers to many of the questions we had about the April, 2005 flood - also concerned with pollution of our river, in addition to flooding.
  • Delaware River Soujourn - learn about - and how to enjoy - the Delaware  River as it flows past Frenchtown
  • Frenchtown.com's report on the 2004 & 2005
    Delaware River Floods
  • Delaware River - present conditions
    (courtesy of the Middle Atlantic Forecast Center)
  • Delaware River Recreation Page
  • The Delaware Riverkeeper's Network - protecting our Delaware River and tributaries. Our watchdog on the Delaware.
  • Delaware River Fact Sheet
    from the Delaware River Keeper

    The Delaware River is the last major free flowing river on the east coast. Originating in the Catskill Mountains of New York, the East and West branches of the Delaware River meet in Hancock, New York and form the main stem of the river. The River flows a total of 375 miles from the Catskills to the sea. Its watershed, includes 12,765 square miles in portions of four states -- New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware -- and is home to nearly 6 million people.

    The Delaware flows through forested mountains, farmlands, small historic towns, suburban sprawl, urban development, industrial complexes, and extensive wetlands before reaching the Atlantic Ocean. While the River drains only 1% of the land, it supplies water to 7% of the population of the United States, approximately 20 million people, many of whom live outside the watershed. The Delaware has been called a "Servant of many masters"-- its uses include recreation, industrial plants, shipping, and drinking water.

  • DayTripper.com account of A Day Trip to Frenchtown
  • Wild New Jersey - a must-see web site for local folks as well as visitors to the area who appreciate our rural roots and the local love of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

our neighbors
helping our pets

Volunteers Needed
Puppy PlayPals
call Colleen

 (908) 996 2525

Heard around town:
A B&B visitor: "It's very refreshing to be here."
A local business owner: "We like Frenchtown just like it is.."

The photo montage at the top of the page represents various aspects of our charming community, beginning, top left, with the famous image of the "Race Street Corner" with the old buildings freshly painted in a bright burnt-orange which seems to suit the location. Looks great in spring when the local shopkeepers and artists put out flowers all around.

To the right, you see a portion of our famous "Frenchtown-Uhlerstown Bridge" built years and years ago to replace the old ferry run by Mr. Sherrod in the 1700's. It was a covered bridge until it was partially washed away in the floods of 1913. You can see a neat old photo of the covered bridge - after the flood - in the Frenchtown Cafe, on Bridge Street - just a few steps away from the Race Street Corner.

To the right of the bridge, you see folks out for a stroll along one of the many hiking trails in the area. The old railroad right-of-way along the river is now a hiking and biking path enoyed by residents and visitors all seasons of the year.

The white buildings on the bottom are a home, the local Library and Municipal Building and one of Frenchtown's lovely churches. This architectural style is what gives Frenchtown a bit of a "New England" look and charm.

Finally, on the bottom left, you will see some folks strolling past one of the many antique and gift shops which attract many visitors to Frenchtown.

And, although we have many excellent restaurants and cafés, "Yes, we have no MacDonalds!"

In fact, you might say that our mission statement, simply put is to "Protect the Quaintness of Frenchtown".

Welcome to Frenchtown. Now, come on in to our website


Send a message to webmaster Alan Runfeldt

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