Weekend of March 8-10, 2008:
Flood Watch is/was in effect for The Delaware River at Frenchtown, NJ

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Come back here for updates as the weekend's events unfold. Stay updated on local conditions.

Current River Conditions |
See Current Official Emergency Notices from Nockamixon Township Emergency Management Agency
Flood Status  by the Upper Black Eddy Fire Company

Monday, March 10, 8:00 am
The River crested this morning at two feet below flood stage and waters are now beginning to recede

However, IT'S NOT OVER YET. Water levels at Bridges at Tocks Island, Belvidere and Riegelsville
to the north continue to rise.

Sunday, March 9, 8:00 am
Things are looking better for Frenchtown
The river continued to rise after yesterday' rain hit the area, but local creeks are coming back to normal. Some bridges to the north of Frenchtown are reporting increased water levels, with some reaching the "high-flow, below flood" stage, for the first time in thee past three days. Water levels are rising and falling at different places north of here, but none are reaching flood stage.

If the skies remain clear to the north, we may have 'dodged the bullet' once again...

Saturday night, March 8, 11:30 pm
The River is Rising
The River began rising after this afternoon's rains. The Nishisackawick Creeks have both been flowing at almost record capacity due to runoff flowing into them from the farm and wood lands which are their waterheds. As long as the Delware River stays low, these creeks will drain into the river. But, once the Delaware begins backing up the creeks, the Trenton Avenue Basin becomes suseptible to filling up with the creek water and flooding as far up as the Post Office, which was flooded during the Flood of June, 2006, when one local resident paddled around the neighborhood in a canoe...

Saturday morning, March 8 - 9:00 am
The River's gone down over night here in Frenchtown.
U.B.E. F.D. has revised their prediction to "Barely a Flood - Good news"

Expectations on Saturday morning are that the river will crest at Riegelsville Bridge around noon on Sunday and will not likely reach flood stage in Frenchtown at all.

Of course, conditions could change at any time, so stay informed. It all depends upon the weather up north - and circumstances around the already overfilled NYC resevoirs which affect the Delaware River flow and will be unable to capture more run off if heavy rains hit their region. Note the capacities as shown in the chart linked to above. They have 545 billion gallons of water in these resevoirs, and use 1 billion gallons per day. 275 billion of those gallons are stored in resevoirs which empty into the Delaware River.

The folks of the Delaware River Conservancy argue that these resevoirs should be maintained at less than 100% capacity to allow them to capture runoff when heavy rains hit their watersheds. Otherwise, all that new water is simply released into the Delaware, which some people consider a contributing factor to recent floods in the area.

Friday afternoon, March 7, 2008 - 2:00 pm

The River Will Rise This Weekend, but we don't yet know by how much.

Please note: Some neighbors may need help moving to higher ground.

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  • Delaware River Flow Rate in Cubic Feet per second
    • - look at the figures for Trenton to get an idea of how the river is flowing past Frenchtown. Normal is about 20,000 cfs. On Thursday morning, March 6, the flow at Trenton was over 93,000 cfs. - which indicates that there was nearly 5 times the normal volume of water flowing down the Delaware
  • US Geological Service Real-time report on the River
  • NYC Resevoir Levels - March 8 | Current Report from NYC.gov web site

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