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Wine & Arts Weekend - May 5-6,2007
Bastille Day - July 14-15, 2007
RiverFest - Sept 1-3, 2007

RiverFest 2007 Press Releases

FRENCHTOWN, N.J. (shhhh….the secret on the Delaware).


Wine and Art Weekend, May 5-6, 2007

Frenchtown Wine & Art Weekend  We start our festival season with our most popular event: La Fête du Vin (et de la Bière) et d’Art! Bon vivant! Enjoy a 2-day May weekend in our spectacular Victorian setting on the beautiful (if sometimes untamed!) Delaware River. 

For $19 paid in advance or $25 the days of the festival, you can taste wines (and beers) at a dozen locations in Frenchtown and the area and sample hors d’oeuvres at another group of shops art/décor galleries.

Stay the weekend in one of our area  B and B’s and dine in one of our spectacular and highly rated area restaurants…Thai, Mexican, Italian, seafood, continental, classic American, and, bien sûr, FRENCH (oh la la). 

For festival details and specific information on stores and other participating vendors see or or call 866-287-0905 and we will send you a visitor’s packet. Wines and beers are courtesy of The Wine Hut (22 Bridge Street, Frenchtown, NJ), and local beers are also provided by the Ship’s Inn and Brewery (Milford, NJ).

Tickets are available online at
Local Wine

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wine event tickets

Bastille Day, July 14-15, 2007

local folks celebrate Bastille Day 2006 in Frenchtown, NJWhat could be more French than la Fete de 15 Julliet or Bastille Day? This festival is among Frenchtown’s oldest and most cherished.  And it lasts all weekend (this year, July 14-15, 2007), which is a very American innovation on this celebration of French “liberté, égalité, fraternité”. 

Stores throughout the town will host special events and the streets will be busy with mimes, puppet shows, history lectures, book signings and, fashion (très chic!).  Dine in our fabulous restaurants (bon appetite), stroll along the Seine (oops, Delaware), shop in our upscale stores on the
Rue du Pont (a.k.a. Bridge Street) and attend an outdoor French-themed film (Saturday night, weather permitting).  Bonne fete à nos amis, les Fraincais!

...more on the Bastille Day Celebration
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Local Sponsors: The Widow McCrea Bed & Breakfast, The Studio & Apothecary

River Fest in Frenchtown, NJRiverFest, September 1-3, 2007

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August 22 Press Release (web page) or (Microsoft Word Document)

Frenchtown, NJ’s quintessential Victorian river town is small, preserved, and historic, while also chic and alive.  This year’s RiverFest, celebrating the environment, river history, land preservation, animal protection, and the arts will be Labor Day weekend ( 3 days!), Sept. 1-3, 2007. 

There will be not-for-profit organizations sharing their vision and mission, juried vendors selling great crafts, a center stage with performances ranging from river gospel to reggae.

This year for the first time we are also recruiting for-profit businesses that are engaged in environmental product development (“green” products) to exhibit their newest innovations. Throughout town there will be in-store events and showcases of “green” merchandise. And our restaurants will be serving great food (and not only fish!). 

Oh yes, being "Frenchtown", we will also be celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of America’s favorite Frenchman: the Marquis de Lafayette (Sept. 6, 1757)!

The River Moon Film Festival featuring award winning independent films all weekend, will show the 1961 film “La Fayette”  at 4:30 pm on Sunday.

Bon anniversaire, La Fayette!

River Moon film Festival 2007

FBPA Press Release:


Frenchtown Unleashes "DOGS ON THE DELAWARE" During Wine and Art Weekend, May 5-6

The much anticipated arrival of "DOGS ON THE DELAWARE", a fund raiser for numerous charitable organizations, will coincide with the May 5-6 Wine and Art Weekend in Frenchtown. DOGS, modeled on the highly successful Cows on Parade project several years ago in New York City, will continue throughout the summer. DOGS ON THE DELAWARE features silhouettes of pooches provided by the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association, painted and decorated by local artists, and on display throughout the Valley. Each DOG's sponsor will name a charity to receive the eventual proceeds of an auction in the fall. Sponsors to date are from Frenchtown, Lambertville, New Hope and towns throughout the Valley.  Cleo Sharplin, one of the sponsors at Alchemy in Frenchtown said "we have always had a pet costume show at RiverFest on Labor Day Weekend, so this seems like a natural extension of our interest in animals and not-for-profit organizations."

Each of the three Frenchtown events over the summer will unleash additional decorated DOGS, the first group being shown at Wine and Art, another group added for Bastille Weekend (July 14-15) and a final group shown at RiverFest (Sept. 1-3).  At RiverFest a "Best in Show" ribbon will be presented to the artist and sponsor winning the contest.

Other ribbons are being planned for winners in various categories, including three FBPA President's Ribbons for the "Best Event-Related DOG Design": the W(h)ine Award in May; the B(e)astille Award in July; and the RiverFest ECO-DOG Award in September.  While entry DOGS can be seen everywhere that there is a sponsor, the FBPA hopes to show all the entries in Frenchtown during the three festivals. For information on the DOGS events, call 866 287-0905 to receive a mailing, or go to or .

Anyone wishing to sponsor a DOG, the fee is $150, payable to the FBPA, and an additional $250 if the sponsor is not using their own artist, in which case the FBPA will have a participating artist decorate the DOG. Sponsors are being coordinated by John Hindman of Thistle in Frenchtown. Contact him at 908 996-7080 or by email: Deadlines for requesting to be a sponsor (in order to provide time for the artist to paint and in order to be viewed at the Frenchtown festivals) is about a month before each festival.

FBPA Events for Frenchtown in 2007 will continur to be updated and published here as plans evolve.

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