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Fabcraft and Guildcraft were trade names of Kraus Associates.

Kraus Associates was located in the 6th Street building here in Frenchtown which was later sold to Bluefish Clothing, then to current owner, Amaryllis Designs. Many Frenchtown residents worked for Kraus Assoc. over the years, but they did more than make Fabcraft Trays.

Most of the Fabcraft trays were made as commemorative sales premiums and promotional products. They are now surfacing on eBay and collectibles sites - and people are trying to learn more about their history and current value. As a result, we have received numerous inquiries about them and created this page.

The Guildcraft Containers were custom made for Sunshine Biscuit and other companies who wanted an attractive, special container for their products. So many were made, with so many designs and styles, that a woman 'down south' has collected them for years and is preparing to write a book about them. (More about that when we learn more.)

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