Update: A $1000 Reward is offered for the safe return of Brutus to his family.
Call 651-738-0392

And, another concerned friend has added her new Wii to the existing $1,000 reward as well!

Brutus is Lost
Please Help Find Brutus

Brutus, an 8-pound, long haired Chihuahua, was stolen along with his owners' car on Christmas Eve in St. Paul, Minnesota. The car has been found, but Brutus is still lost to his distraught owner.
"Police found Juanita's car on Christmas Day, near Rice and Larpenter. There was no sign of Brutus.""
An anonymous Reward is offered for information leading to his return.

See David Hanners' article in Minnesotta's Pioneer Press
and watch Minneapolis NBC Channel 11 - KARE - for the news story with Julianna Olsen
or the video which can be viewed online at http://www.kare11.com/
video link: http://www.kare11.com/video/player.aspx?aid=59874&bw=

Please contact KARE or the family at
651-738-0392 with any news you may have of Brutus' whereabouts.

See new link at http://last-hope.org - Saving Lost & Abandoned Animals in Minnesota Through Volunteer Foster Homes

We will keep looking until Brutus is found and reunited with his family.

Minneapolis Petfinders list of local rescue groups

See photos of Brutus with some of his friends and family below:

and more updates

Brutus & Tina
with granddaughter Tina

Brutus with Cathy - 1
with daughter Cathy

Brutus with Eddie  Brutus with Brianne

Brutus with Cathy - 2  Brutus with Cathy 3

Brutus in the yard
sunning himself in the yard on a somewhat brighter day.

If you know where he is, please call  651-738-0392 or 
contact webmaster with any information you may have about Brutus' whereabouts

See below for news updates:

Donors offer $1,000 reward

Dec 30, 2007:
Good morning,

I just wanted to update you in regards to the search for Brutus, The word is out that there is a $1000.00 Cash Reward for safe return of Brutus. Juanita and Family are out following up on leads. Calls are coming in constantly, whether its best wishes or stories to be told. Listening to this just confirms that Life is a special gift and the people of Minnesota are
definitely the best.

One of the calls came from Michael E., his fiancée is in a coma at a local Hospital. She has shown signs of improvement and saw the news coverage and told Mike to call and to offer money for a reward. I spoke with Mike and told him that Hospitals are expensive and that they should keep their money.
Their prayers are more than enough. That they should go out and celebrate after Cindy recovers and be blessed to know that they too have touched the hearts of someone who cares. Others have called to offer money, another dog and even a Wii play station. A Citywide cab company called and said that they are having all their drivers watch for Brutus. Juanita is so overwhelmed by the love and support that we have experienced with the coverage and concern of Minnesota's wonderful community.

We still hope that the right person will see the articles and news casts updating the viewers. We have received numerous sightings at various locations in St. Paul and we continue to check with the Shelters, with no luck yet. Thanks to you a lot of people are working to find Brutus. We just want to spread the word and say Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

God Bless,
Barb Morrissey(niece)

Dec 31, 2007:
Offer of a puppy.

Good morning Tasha,
It's News Years Eve today, and I just got done speaking with my Aunt Juanita. She wanted me to contact you in regards to your offer for her to receive a new puppy from you. She would like to wait one more week, just to see if anything more develops with Brutus, but if we receive no more information as to Brutus' whereabouts, she would like to drive down and see the puppies.

She feels so empty and she's afraid to be in the apartment all alone. She feels that Brutus could not have survived the weather conditions for this length of time.  Juanita doesn't want to let Brutus go, but in her heart she just doesn't feel that he could survive alone. And, with no response even to a $1000 reward, the chances of finding him becomes less and less likely.

It's comforting to know that she would have a puppy too care for and LOVE. You are truly amazing. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The pictures of the puppies are super! Their so darn cute. When I think of Juanita and a new puppy together, I just smile and know our prayers have been answered.

Thank God for people like you.

Jan 1 -

Thank you, Last-Hope.org - http://last-hope.org - Saving Lost & Abandoned Animals in Minnesota Through Volunteer Foster Homes

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