Friend to all, she spoke the truth and pulled no punches...

R.I.P. May, 2003

This week May 12, 2003, we lost our friend, Bonnie.

Her friends knew her as "Ronnie's Bonnie"; the two of them were inseperable when their work hours allowed.

If we'd stop at the Forge or later the Corner Store or maybe see her in town after work when Ronnie worked nights, we'd have her to ourselves for a bit. 

Always willing to help or to listen or to join in a friendly conversation. Loved by her friends and family alike. ...And by the puppies who she treated like children. 

We worried when we heard that she was ill, and hoped for the best and to see her home soon.

Instead, we share this news with sadness.

Ronnie's loss is the greatest, she was his best friend, his partner, his wife. They married and made their home and their life together. 

And our loss is great as well. Bonnie was well-liked and respected in our little community. 

She will be missed.

We'll no longer hear her strong and cheerful laugh - except in our memories. 
We'll miss her warm hugs, her quiet and thoughtful manner, her patience with our imperfections.
We'll go on without her, our lives lessened by her loss - until we meet our own life's end. 
Until we join her, we'll carry her memory in our hearts.

We'll miss our friend Bonnie and wish strength for her man Ronnie.

- Alan R. webmaster,


Ronnie & Bonnie at The Rat, December 18, 2001