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March, 2008 -
Press Release: American Public House Review
American Public House Review Announces their SIXTH ISSUE, focused this month on The Saint Patrick Day Spririts of Jim Thorpe, PA...

If it's true that you can measure a publication's success by how long it continues to publish, American Public House Review is suceeding in fulfilling it's publishers',  advertizers' and readers' wishes. APHR published it's sixth issue this month. While generally focusing on remarkable Pubs around the country, February's issue focused on the Pubs of New York and the theme of the March issue are the pubs - and some history of - Jim Thorpe, PA.

Meanwhile, the APHR staff are not resting on their laurels, but are moving ahead with plans to add a blog , photo-gallery and other interesting features to this popular new online eZine.

Come See for yourself!

October, 2007
Press Release: American Public House Review

Frenchtown residents, Chris Poh and Alan Runfeldt along with Buckingham, Pennsylvania resident Ed Petersen recently launched a new on-line magazine titled "American Public House Review".

This monthly publication features the legendary, interesting and occasionally infamous pubs and taverns that have played an important role in the lives of the people that have gathered in those spaces. The magazine will not engage in a critique of these establishments; but instead will bring to its readers the history, lore and stories that have caused these venerable institutions to be embraced and revered by the communities that they serve.    
In an article that appeared in the first issue, Mr. Poh the Editor in Chief said this about the magazine, "The mission of American Public House Review is to discover the extraordinary drinking rooms and to share the images, inspirations and insights of the noble publicans who dwell within those walls".

Initially the editorial content will be generated in-house; but as this monthly magazine quickly increases its scope from a regional to national and international publication it will enlist the talents of writers and photographers native to those locations.

Ed Petersen is the Creative Director and Editor, and Alan Runfeldt serves as the Director of Technologies.

For more information about the magazine and to view the premier issue please visit